• Aerys Mavato

    Aerys Mavato

    Dark-haired half-elf woman. Leathers, and a tricorn hat. Avoids the other passengers and crew during the voyage.
  • Alizandru Kovack

    Alizandru Kovack

    Captain of the Jenevere. Chelish. Strict disciplinarian.
  • Alton Devers

    Alton Devers

    Human. First Mate of the Jenivere. Friendly with crew and passengers. Sometimes chafes under Kovack's strict rules.
  • Gelik Aberwhinge

    Gelik Aberwhinge

    Gnome. Sharply dressed, older, blond hair. Writer and storyteller, very social, but snarky.
  • Ieana


    Varisan (think gypsy.) Scholar; keeps mostly to herself and her books. Rumors say that she is close with captain Kovack.
  • Ishirou


    Human. Tian descent, scruffy-looking, seems to have had a hard life. Clearly eager to get to Sargava. A bit aloof, but polite.
  • Jask Derindi

    Jask Derindi

    Human. Prisoner, boarded in Corentyn. Kept secluded in the ship's brig. Dark skin, black full beard and dreadlocks.
  • Rabar Terillo

    Rabar Terillo

    Human, ship's cook. Skills appear to be limited to watery soups.
  • Sasha Nevah

    Sasha Nevah

    Human woman. Red hair, boisterous and optimistic. Missing left pinky finger.