Session One

In which we are poisoned, wake up on an island, and begin to realize that you can eat too much seafood.

The quick bulletpoint version (to be expanded later):

Day One:

  • Woke up on a beach with a number of other passengers (detailed elsewhere). No other crew, save for Chella, though. Fought off small lobster-like creatures intent on eating us. Collected everyone, and set about making a camp. Determined that someone (later found to very likely be the first mate?) had made two trips with the Jenevere’s longboat to get us and our key gear to shore. Discussion among ourselves and with the other passengers seemed to indicate that we were all poisoned at the last dinner.
  • One passenger was missing among us, a woman named Ieana (note – why can I not get that link to work?). Suspicious!
  • We were able to locate the wreck of the Jenevere. In the captain’s cabin, we located some useful goods, as well as the logs. The most recent logs appeared to indicate a dramatic change in the captain’s mind; the entries became much more erratic, and they began to focus much more on Ieana (to the point of some doggerel love poetry dedicated to her). They culminated in an entry noting the course change towards Smuggler’s Shiv (where he noted that he and Ieana could build a nice little house and live happily ever after just the two of them), and getting very cranky at the first mate who the captain thought was totally moving in on Iaena. SUSPICIOUS!
  • We went through the passenger bunks, which had already been quickly packed up (and those belongings had been discovered where we awoke). We took anything that had been missed, as well as literally everything not nailed down. This type of looting quickly became a theme with us.
  • Exploring the hold, we discovered the body of the first mate. He seemed to have bled to death after barricading himself in a back room. More lobster-like creatures were trying to get in – but he also had what appeared to be a rapier wound on his chest that he had bandaged himself. The captain, perhaps?
  • The galley had the remnants of the poisoned stew, as well as the body of the cook. The cook had been bitten in the shoulder by what would have had to have been a massive snake – like, could not have fit into the room type of massive – or a snakeman. In the hopes of trying to make the latter not be true, this author posited several spells that wizards use that could deliver similar wounds, but suspects that despite the high level of improbability of a snakeman being active in the world, that it might be the case. Crap.
  • The cook and first mate receive appropriate funeral rites from Fica, being an Invoker of Gozreh.
  • The wreck was literally stripped clean of anything that could prove remotely useful, and we returned to camp with these supplies.
  • The first night, Maeglin heard movement out in the woods – tracking it to a clearing, he declined to investigate further by himself. In the morning, the body of a monkey was found, tied to a hanging vine, and drained of blood. This made nobody happy at all.

Day Two:
We decided to venture East, to the tip of the beach in the hopes of finding the lighthouse that we know to be somewhere on the island.

  • Along the way we encountered a shipwreck on the shore, the “Tattooed Lady.” There were the undead remnants of some of her sailors.
  • There was nothing notable at the tip of the beach; however we were able to make out two smaller islets with what could be a low-tide causeway connecting them to the main island. One of these appears covered in slowly waving fungus (myconids? a Dark Realm incursion?) of some kind.
  • On the way back, we encounter a VERY GIANT crab. Ryan strikes it with an exceedingly mighty blow, followed by some quick blasts of radiant damage from Fica, cooking it from the inside out. That’s a few more days of food!
  • Ishorou reveals to us a treasure map which relates to a point on this island! For a cut of the goods, he hands it over to us. It appears to be located on Bald Sand Top Hill to the southeast of our camp, which we were heading to anyway the next day, for more of a look around.

Day Three:

  • We headed along the beach until we felt we could cut inland to Bald Sand Top Hill and get a good look around.
  • Wow, there are a lot of shipwrecks along here.
  • We went through another wreck, finding some journals and a locket with a small women’s picture and name in it. Huh. The journals go over a lot of deals between pirates and officials in the Shackels (maybe Jask can use them?).
  • We encountered what appeared to be Ieana and the Captain’s camp on the beach. They weren’t there though – they’d traveled into the jungle. We followed their trail until we had to turn left to hit our original goal, not wanting to really keep up with them until we had our entire party with us.
  • We got up to the top of the hill at nightfall; the map required us to begin looking at sunup, so that worked out well. Maeglin kept watch all night (eladrin, yo), and had two interesting things happen. First, there was a weird phosphorescence along the shoreline for a portion of the night. Second, a dead goat which was drained of blood was dropped into our camp from a height. Naturally, we butchered and cooked it because waste not, want not. Chella surmised that a rare winged chupacabra was screwing with us. We rolled with this because we had no better ideas.
  • Morning, we found The Money Pit! We dug fairly deep, and then hacked through a wooden floor. Below that, there was another 40’ drop into water. Maeglin took the dive here (ha ha) and discovered two ghouls in there. That sucked. Thanks to Chella and Ryan, he barely lived.
  • Below the surface was a side tunnel which led to a treasure room, hooray! A watertight chest was recovered, chortled over, and returned to our heroes’ camp on the beach.

Then we broke for the day!


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