Current Treasury


As of the end of Session One, we have the following treasure. Most of it is in a giant slush fund, though things that have been specifically claimed by a PC have been noted where possible (and in most cases are already on the individual character sheets). If unclaimed, the treasure likely resides in a locked sea chest recovered from the Jenevere. Keys are usually held by random PCs.

(note: items claimed or given to NPCs not noted below; so far these consist of Jask’s personal belongings and a 400 gold cut of the buries treasure to Ishouru)

1610 gp (various denominations)
500 gp worth of mixed garnets and amethysts
Mithril Scroll Tube worth 500 gold (Fica, containing ritual scroll, below)
Model Ship (the Jenevere?) in a Bottle
One Bottle Extremely Fine Brandy
Ritual Scroll of Raise Dead (Fica)
30gp worth of Residuum (Fica)
+1 Vicious Rapier (Chella)
+1 Dagger (Maeglin)
+1 Light Shield
+1 Shortsword
6x Potions of Healing (heroic tier) (2 each to Chella, Fica, Ryan)
1x Potion of Cold Resistance (heroic tier) (Maeglin)
1x Potion of Clarity (heroic tier) (Maeglin)

Various Ledgers and Journals from the Brine Demon (detailing various Sargovian officals and pirates and the like)
Gold Locket from the Brine Demon; inside is a picture of a half-elven woman and the name “Ashamara.”


Current Treasury

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