Ryan is a dark-skinned woman, tall and well built. Her hair is in long dreadlocks hanging loose around her head, and some of the dreads have small tokens and the like tied to them. Her ears have large tribal-style whalebone hook earrings in them. Her eyes are always bright, she is generally good-natured, garrulous, and smiling.

She wears scale armor, the scales of which are all cut out of thick shell and bone – and some of those scales have small individual scrimshaw carvings on them. She goes barefoot when possible, and much of her clothing, armor, and equipment has some amount of seawater and salt staining on it.

The exception is the large hunting spear which Ryan carries, which has clearly seen a great deal of use. She lavishes attention on it though, ensuring that it remains as clean, oiled, and rust-free as possible. For backup, she has a few throwing harpoons over her back, though she tends to not leave the ropes attached to them when she uses them in simple combat, as opposed to when she hunts the great beasts of the sea.


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