Alizandru Kovack

Captain of the Jenevere. Chelish. Strict disciplinarian.


According to his logs, this man may have fallen under the sway of someone who may be a snake-man, or possibly a wizard of some kind. Until recently, the logs that we recovered from the wreck of the Jenevere the morning after we awoke were meticulous. However, he appeared to have been becoming obsessed with a woman named Iaena, including writing fairly awful love poetry to her. His last entries note his worries that the first mate may need to be “dealt with” because Kovack saw him as competition, and that Kovack had changed course to the Shiv, hoping that he and Ieana could make a small home for themselves there and live happily ever after.

Some few days after we awoke, as we were exploring east along the northern beach, we found a small tarp shelter with indications that it had been shared by two people before they began making their way inland through the jungle; we presume that Kovack is still alive, albeit likely still controlled or otherwise coerced.

Alizandru Kovack

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